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Greggs giant cupcake box - UK Packaging Awards winner


Sherwood Group wins ‘Cartonboard Pack of the Year’

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Following the achievement of the ‘Social Stationery Printer of the Year’ award and nomination for the ‘FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year’ at the Print Week Awards, the Sherwood Press Group has also won the UK Packaging Award for the ‘Cartonboard Pack of the Year’ for the Greggs giant cupcake box.

Greggs giant cupcake box – innovative design and development

The Group secured the award for its innovative design and development of the Greggs giant cupcake box for the launch of the inaugural “Greggs The Bakery” store in Gosforth. Sherwood Press delivered the concept utilizing its Smartbox NPD Stage/Gate process. The design of the box allows the giant cupcake to be easily loaded and unloaded eliminating the risk of any damage to the product. The judges commented: “A really well thought-through structure from the store’s perspective with hugely satisfying ‘click’ closing device. Love it”.

The box was engineered in a way that prevented the inner wings from damaging the highly decorative fondant icing. This was achieved through the use of deliberate light-weighting techniques on the internal corner elements, forming a neat closure that sits flush with the inside faces of the box.

The final concept takes the principle of Sherwood’s registered ‘Easy Loader’ design a stage further. The design is neither glued nor tab-locked; thereby no structural weaknesses are introduced via glued seams or open edges. The carton is assembled around the product, is straightforward to erect and the cup cake can be easily loaded by Greggs staff from the top or into the partly-formed carton through the one remaining open side, reducing the risk of damaging the product. Likewise, the design allows easy unloading for the consumer after purchase.

Jeremy Bacon, the Group’s CEO who attended the award ceremony on Wednesday 13th November said: “We are thrilled to receive the award and recognition for our innovative packaging solutions. Our customers, innovation and provision of high quality printed products are at the centre of all we do at Sherwood. We would like to express gratitude to Greggs for their continuous support and giving us the opportunity to enter the giant cupcake box into the awards”.

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