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The Sherwood Group and Bakkavor deliver first-to-market Croquembouche

Friday, December 12th, 2014

The Sherwood Group has worked closely with the Bakkavor Group to deliver innovative carton board packaging for Christmas 2014 with a table centrepiece dessert; Tesco Finest Croquembouche Patisserie Kit.

The Group designed, engineered, and printed an innovative first-to-market Croquembouche dessert kit that enables the consumer to assemble the kit. This creates a Croquembouche dessert stand, while removing the need for a traditional plastic or metal former.

The Croquembouche look

The solution includes a flat-pack round-based cone with a set of five supporting rings to stack and display the profiteroles in the shape of a cone. The rings form shelves, engineered in a way that when placed over the top of the cone, lock into place. With no need for gluing, these shelves hold the profiteroles in place and form the Croquembouche look.

The Sherwood Group and Bakkavor introduced modifications in packaging design from the original product launched in 2013.

Kim Durose, the Group’s Packaging Design and Innovations Manager explained: “We reduced the environmental impact by eliminating the plastic trays for profiteroles and utilising Sherwood’s Pura® sustainable barrier coating for direct contact of profiteroles with packaging. The modifications also included a 43% material saving on the insert cartons, and more than 20% material savings on the lid, base and sauce pot fitting.”

Furthermore, the new pack optimises the packaging to suit volumes and transit trays, engineered to meet Tesco’s merchandising requirements.

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