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The Sherwood Group is an established cornerstone of the social stationery market. We have an unrivalled wealth of experience when it comes to every aspect of production, including over 15 years’ experience providing high-quality printed products direct from the Far East.

A premier greeting cards manufacturer, the Sherwood Group are a trusted partner to some of the biggest names in the industry. What’s more, our global operation enhances our offering to ensure that your final product is beyond compare.

Social Stationery: what we offer

Our in-house team of design, construction and prototyping specialists ensure that every avenue is open to our clients in terms of delivering the wow factor. At the same time, the team works alongside our global specialists while finalising items for production.

When it comes to the more intensive construction requirements, our global team can provide for every requirement. Whether you need a simple boxed-set, to a complicated pop-up or intricately hand-finished design, you can rest assured that our proven experience will ensure your social stationery is of nothing but the highest quality.

In summary, we offer outstanding, cost effective and efficient production of social stationery in the Far East. There are no language barriers- we have a UK based Sales team and a dedicated, English speaking account team in Hong Kong. With unparalled experience working with top retailers and brands, we combine award-winning, high-quality gift paper products with local sourcing expertise. A truly comprehensive service.

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