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Innovative Food Packaging

Changing lifestyles, convenience and health-consciousness are current trends driving packaging innovations for the food industry.

The Sherwood Group holds BRC accreditation and manufactures innovative packaging solutions for bakery product, confectionery, food-on-the-go, frozen foods, chilled foods and more.

We manufacture robust food packaging, providing a hygienic and safe solution for its content as well as being pleasing to the eye. With many other food manufacturer changing and improving their packaging, Purapackaging can help you stay ahead to ensure your products stand out on a crowded supermarket shelf.

Our Pura® Charter for Food Packaging

‘We will not compromise on our commitment to sustainable packaging’

We will only use low migration, conventional food safe inks

We adhere to the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices and use inks that conform to EuPIA guidelines.

We will only use virgin fibre food grade board

We only use folding boxboard made from virgin fibres that have not been recycled in our direct contact food packaging.

We continually aim to minimise waste

We approach this in two ways, through the Pura® process we assess packaging reduction to develop rational, value engineered solutions without compromising functionality, and we minimise all waste generated in the manufacturing process through our ISO14001/BRC accredited production facility.

We use PLA material on all of our windowed products

Our windowed product only contains food contact approved PLA plastics, developed from corn starch which makes them 100% biodegradable and compostable.

We continue to develop our award winning aqueous based barrier coating for food packaging

Our PuraCoat® aqueous barrier coating is an environmentally friendly alternative to PE lined boards and ensures our packaging remains 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Overall cost ownership

Cradle to grave audit – we audit your secondary packaging, transportation and warehousing to minimise your true overall total packaging cost.

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