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Would you like your packaging to stand out on the retail shelf? Purapackaging offers a comprehensive range of in-house special print finishes and applications that add real value to your product’s packaging.

Our special print finishes include:

Bioseal emulsion

Bioseal emulsion is an anti-microbial water based coating, which results in a special finish that protects papers and cartons, offering the added advantage of a reduction in harmful pathogens on the printed stock.

Soft touch emulsion

Soft touch emulsion gives your print a luxuorious, tactile surface; as a result, this elevates the quality of your final product in your customer’s hands.

Pearlescent emulsion

This emulsion offers a ‘shimmering’ effect to your printed packaging, working particularly well on dark backgrounds. When applied to solid blocks of colour, it can give a subtle, or significant, glowing effect.

Gloss, satin and matt emulsion

Popular, tried and trusted. Gloss, satin and matt emulsions offer both protection and quality to your final product. Reducing the potential of scratching and also providing a required gloss to suit your requirements.

Aqueous barrier coating

Our Puracoat™ aqueous barrier coating is an environmentally friendly alternative to PE lined boards. What’s more, it ensures our packaging remains 100% biodegradable and compostable.

UV varnishing

This special print finish offers the highest level of gloss and protection. The go-to method when you want to provide a focused, eye-catching detail on your product.

Block foil

More and more popular in contemporary packaging, foil blocking provides a metallic finish over fine or solid areas of your print. More and more colours and techniques are now available, offering a wide variety of finishes to truly set your packaging apart from its rivals. Why not speak to our SmartCentre team to discuss how to apply this special print finish to your product?


Embossing provides a finish of quality and elegance. It can be particularly effective when combined with foil or a spot UV coating. Alternatively, another popular technique is ‘blind’ embossing. This involves raising the printed stock without any colour applied to the area, offering a classic, pristine finish.

Intricate die-cutting

With many, varied uses, die-cutting is one of the most regularly used special print finishes in modern print. Whether a requirement for functionality, or an attractive method to frame a product, die-cutting enables you to ensure your final product is as eye-catching as possible.


Flitter is the process of applying sparkling, iridescent glitter flakes to your final product. Used predominantly in the greeting card industry, this is another popular finish used to grab a viewer’s attention.


Thermographic (or Virko) printing is a process that causes text or graphics to be slightly raised from your chosen substrate. Also offering a tactile feel, this finish can have a striking impact when used.

Please contact us for samples of any of the special print finishes listed above.

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