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Social Stationery

Social Stationery

Multi-award winning specialist printer for the greeting card industry

Entering the greetings card market in 1992, The Sherwood Group soon established itself as a specialist printer of Social Stationery. Over two decades later we have been awarded over a dozen awards for quality and innovation within the industry.

The Sherwood Group manufacture a wide range of social stationery products, from greeting cards, giftwrap and voucher cards to calendars, notecards and wallets.

Our professional social stationery services include:

We offer both lithographic and digital manufacturing methods combined with lean manufacturing and operational excellence.

Our reputation is important to us and we always manufacture your products in a responsible way. This includes offering our customers environmental print solutions, such as the use of FSC© certified boards.

Over the years we have continually developed working practices that increase the benefits that we can provide to greeting cards publishers with the aim of creating peace of mind.

If you would like to find out more about our social stationary services, Please contact us.

Review For Social Stationery
  • ‘We were delighted with the quality of our wedding cards which have been produced by The Sherwood Group. Engagement and wedding cards are important captions and consumers are looking for something really special when they shop for this type of card. The wonderful finishing and the combined foils on each design offer something truly magical. Our retailers love them – well done Sherwood!”

    5 stars

  • "We've been working with The Sherwood Group since the inception of our company. They have truly been our partners as we've evolved from a kitchen table start-up to a fully fledged publisher. Their quality of print and customer service is second to none, but it's their guidance and advice that has proved to be invaluable to us. We have no hesitation in recommending Sherwood to anyone looking to get started in Greeting Cards."

    5 stars

  • “Since acquiring the license to print Victoria and Albert Museum cards we have worked as a team with The Sherwood Group and they have managed to perfect the colour and detail of the embosses to really do these wonderful treasures and works of art justice. The level of emboss is fantastic, it's really important for the customer to see this amount of detail through the cello wrap. We have had many compliments on the quality of print and finish on these designs. The V&A insist on extremely high standards across all their licensed product, and we feel through their print, Sherwood manage these expectations extremely well.”

    5 stars

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