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Tesco Croquembouche

In the product’s second year, Bakkavor wanted to significantly reduce the carton’s material footprint and to fit two kits in a logistics tote. This packaging reduction exercise also gave us the opportunity to look at how the product was packed in the bakery, with a view to improving the environmental footprint.






Our Approach

  • Totally removed the need for the plastic vac form trays that held the frozen profiteroles by utilising Puracoat® sustainable barrier coating
  • We were able to reduce the number of skillet cartons from five, down to two. The new skillets were treated with Puracoat® to give moisture resistant properties to the cartons
  • Reduced the outer packaging to fit two side-by-side in a Tesco delivery tote

Why Puracoat®?

  • An environmentally friendly, water-based barrier control
  • Suitable for direct food contact
  • Grease resistant to highest Kit 12 rating
  • Suitable for frozen conditions
  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable in line with BS EN 13432

The End Result

  • Saved cost and resource- overall, we achieved a packaging material saving of 40%
  • 100% elimination of plastic vac-formed trays in favour of Puracoat® treated cartonboard
  • Trebled the volume sold in comparison to the first year
  • Winning design at PrintWeek Awards 2015, category: “FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year”

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